How To Use:

Maximum Clear Skin Acne Regimen
Cleanser + Face Cream

Always test for possible allergic reaction before treating the affected areas:

Before using for the first time apply a small amount to the inside of your wrist to see if you experience an allergic reaction. If the skin turns red or is itchy within 10-15 minutes, then STOP the use immediately and contact customer service. If you exhibit allergic symptoms we will provide you a full refund.

The Clear & Natural Maximum Clear Skin Cleanser and Maximum Clear Skin Face Cream are designed to complement each other if your skin has been damaged from acne. The Cleanser will minimize the intensity and frequency of breakouts and the Face Cream is designed to shorten the duration of a blemish.

Use Twice a Day

For optimal results be consistent and use the Clear & Natural Maximum Clear Skin Cleanser twice a day (morning and night - Do Not leave the cleanser on overnight).

Cleanser Use Instructions

Apply the cleanser with your fingertips to all acne prone areas of your face/body. Gently work into the skin and allow the cleanser to stay on for at least 5 minutes. Remove the cleanser with a tissue or dry soft cloth. Once the cleanser is removed, rinse your face with warm water and dry your face/body thoroughly.

Face Cream Use Instructions

At night apply the Maximum Clear Skin Face Cream directly on a blemish. You only need a very small amount (a pinheads worth is enough for each blemish). If you're like most people and have a "concentration" of blemishes then an amount less than the size of a dime is more than enough.

The cream will "spread" when you first put it on and you should use a circular motion to spread and massage it lightly into your skin. When the cream gets to body temperature it will turn clear and should be absorbed.

If you have a film of the Maximum Clear Skin Face Cream still on your face then you're using too much. There is no need to put the Maximum Clear Skin Face Cream on areas of your face that do not have pimples.

It's not unusual to experience a slight tingling if you have sensitive and/or damaged skin after the first use.

In the morning and, as necessary, during the day, apply a very small amount of the Maximum Clear Skin Face Cream directly to the most prominent blemishes and work the cream directly into the blemish. The Face Cream is all natural and will not cause any skin dryness.