How To Use:

Rejuvenating Cleanser

Always test for possible allergic reaction before treating the affected areas:

Before using for the first time apply a small amount to the inside of your wrist to see if you experience an allergic reaction. If the skin turns red or is itchy within 10-15 minutes, then STOP the use immediately and contact customer service. If you exhibit allergic symptoms we will provide you a full refund.

The Clear & Natural Rejuvenating Cleanser is designed to complement or replace your current face cleansing process. If you are using the Clear & Natural Rejuvenating Cleanser as a complement to your regular cleansing process make sure you face is DRY and follow the instructions below. It's not unusual to experience a slight tingling if you have sensitive and/or damaged skin after the first use.

The Clear & Natural Rejuvenating Cleanser should be used once a day (best used at night as a part of any make-up removal process).

Apply with your fingertips and gently work into the skin and allow the cleanser to stay on for 5 minutes.

Remove the cream with a tissue or dry soft cloth. Once the cream is removed rinse your face with warm water.