Clear & Natural Cleansing Cream

Rejuvenating Products

Our Rejuvenating product line has been developed to address the unique skin care challenges at opposite ends of our body— our changing complexion and our feet.

Many factors impact our complexion: genetics, nutrition, environmental contaminates, sun exposure, and if that's not enough the outer layer of our skin thins with aging.

To compensate for these changes Northstar developed an all natural, plant derived, anti-oxidant rich cleanser with the nourishing capabilities of water soluble Lauric Acid. During testing we found this approach always resulted in a soft and smooth complexion.

Now our feet, if impacted by dry or cracked skin present a completely different challenge because of the thickness of the skin. To solve this problem Northstar developed a unique all-natural plant-derived formulation that can penetrate, hydrate and moisturize.