The Science Behind Clear & Natural

To understand the science behind the Clear & Natural products you first have to answer this simple question: Why have coconuts been described as "nature's perfect food" and why are skin care products with coconut oil highly regarded? The answer is Lauric Acid, an all natural fatty acid found in abundance in coconuts!

Lauric Acid, also a major component in breast milk, has been found to be a highly effective all-natural antimicrobial, as well as playing a critical role in the development of newborn babies. Until now, Lauric Acid has been used in food and cosmetics in very small quantities because it is not soluble in water.

That is until today!  Northstar Biosciences LLC has "cracked the code" and delivers water soluble Lauric Acid.  This discovery magnifies the effectiveness of Lauric Acid and the results are spectacular!

At Northstar, we know that Lauric Acid is Mother Nature’s answer for many of today’s skin care challenges.

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